Scoliosis, by definition, is curvature of the spine.  Incidence may increase to 3%.  These curves are often S- or C-shaped. The patient’s spine may appear as a letter "S" or "C" on X-rays.  Scoliosis is divided into sub-types as congenital, idiopatic and neuromuscular.  If the patient is within the developmental period, curvature tends to progress.  Scoliosis may cause a decrease in the pulmonary capacity, pressure load on the heart and restriction of physical activities. 

Scoliosis causes a sideways curve of your backbone, or spine. Scoliosis is most common in late childhood and the early teens, when children grow fast. Girls are more likely to have it than boys. It can run in families. Symptoms include leaning to one side and having uneven shoulders and hips.

Treatment depends on your age, how much more you're like to grow, how much curving there is, and whether the curve is temporary or permanent. People with mild scoliosis might only need checkups to see if the curve is getting worse. Others might need to wear a brace or have surgery.

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