Neck Pain

Neck pain is discomfort in any of the structures in the neck such as muscles, nerves, vertebral bones, and the disks between them. When you have neck pain, you may have difficulty moving it.  Treatment for any neck condition is recommended as soon as possible to minimize further aggravation. There are many conditions that may cause  neck pain:
■Radiculopathy - A pinched nerve, often from a herniated, or slipped, disk causes pain down the arm that's often described as an electrical feeling.

■Myofascial Pain - Generally a muscle ache that tends to be associated with sitting at a computer or other tasks causing poor posture. Patients often report they have difficulty sleeping or feeling restored from sleep.

■Spinal Stenosis - A narrowing of the nerve openings either around the spinal cord or nerve roots that can cause symptoms similar to a pinched nerve. The pain is described either as an aching or an electrical feeling down the arm.

■Repetitive Strain Injury - An injury that occurs from a chronically used part of the body. These problems are often found in people who sit at desks or work at computers.
Following steps can prevent neck pain:

•Relaxation techniques and regular exercise to prevent stress and tension to the neck muscles.
•Stretching exercises for your neck, shoulder and arms.
• Good posture, especially if you sit at a desk all day. Adjusting computer monitor to eye level.
• A comfortable pillow supporting your head and neck.

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