Types of Hair Loss


In female type of hair loss, hair loss rate makes a peak after 40 years of age.

Female type of hair loss includes genetic hair loss, hormonal hair loss and psychological hair loss.  In genetic hair loss, thinning and weakening is experienced in hair generally.  Hair loss in women who have hormonal imbalances is particularly frequent after contraception pills.  Furthermore, women who have problem with their thyroid glands may experience hair loss during the treatment of hormone disorder.  Every factor that causes body stress also may leadto hair loss.

A recovery is expected within 3 to 6 months after hair treatment is applied for women.


The most important cause for male type of hair loss is genetic type of hair loss.  Hair loss starts during the young ages and continues significantly by aging.  This type of hair loss in men generally starts from temples and progresses up to the top.  Genetic trend also causes gradual hair loss on the forehead and the middle part of the head and complete loss of hair roots in time. 

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