FAQ For Hair Transplantation

Does hair transplantation have side effects?

As transplantation is performed by person’s own hair roots under local anesthesia, no side effect is observed in the hair transplantation procedure. 

Are transplanted hairs lost on the transplantation area?

Hairs transplanted are lost temporarily within one month after the transplantation.  Transplanted hair starts to grow up from 3rd month on and completes formation within 1 year.  Transplanted hair is never lost lifetime, because hair roots are removed from the nape and these hairs have no hair-loss gene.

What should be done before hair transplantation operation?

The candidate who will have the procedure should be investigated for anesthetic drug allergy or any other condition that may prevent the operation.  Alcohol should not be drunk before one week from the operation.  Smokers are advised to decrease the number of cigarettes.  Those who are on blood thinning drugs should discontinue the medication for a while under supervision of a physician.

Will any space appear on the donor area?

As the extraction of the hair roots is not performed linearly by the doctor, no space occurs on the donor area.

Can hair transplantation be performed in every season?

Hair transplantation can be applied in every season.  This procedure requires resting for 2 to 3 days.  Swimming is prohibited for 15 days.

Do transplanted hairs need any specific care?

During de-scabbing period after the operation, a shampoo that will be recommended by the doctor is suggested.  Furthermore, PRP or mesotherapyapplications are also recommended after the procedure.

Can hair transplantation be applied for women like men?

Ladies who have hair loss for different causes can have hair transplantation like men do.

How long does hair transplantation last?

Hair transplantation operation lasts about 6 to 8 hours depending on the transplantation area and graft number.

In how many sessions is hair transplantation performed?

It is completed in 1 or 2 sessions depending on the size of the transplantation area.  Two sessions must have an interval of one year in between, because the hair transplanted must complete the growing up period completely.

Can everybody have hair transplantation?

Every person who does not have any health condition to avoid hair transplantation and is over 20 years of age can have hair transplantation.

What is the recovery process after hair transplantation?

Resting for 2 days is recommended after the hair transplantation.  First hair washing after the operation will be performed in our center, under supervision of our doctor in the 3rd day.  Scabs appeared will disappear within a week.  Redness on the skin disappears within 10 days after hair transplantation.

What should be cared after hair transplantation?

The points that should be cared within 15 days after the hair transplantation:

·         Hair should be washed with a shampoo recommended by the specialist.
·         The transplantation area should be protected from any strokes.
·         A hat should be weared while outside.
·         Alcohol should not be taken.
·         The scalp should be protected from the harmful beams of the sun.
·         Pool and sea should be avoided.
·         Hair drier should not be used.
·         Hair spray and hair gel should not be used.
·         Sports should be avoided.

Is the hair transplantation a painful procedure?

As the hair transplantation operation is performed by local anesthesia, it is a painless operation.

How many hair strands are lost per day?

Loss of 80 to 100 hair strands per day during the hair wash and brushing is considered normal.

What is the price for hair transplantation?

Operation prices vary depending on the size of the transplantation area and the number of grafts to be transplanted.  Therefore, pricing without examination would not be fair.

As the hair transplantation operation must be directed by the doctors in the surgery room conditions, quality of the medical center should be evaluated well for the health.

Can the hair be painted after the hair transplantation?

The transplanted hair grows up approximately after the 3rd month after the operation.  The hair can be painted after this period.

How is hair examination performed?

The people who will have hair transplantationis investigated on whether he has any health problem. Donor area from where the hair roots will be extracted is also examined and the size of transplantation area is determined.  The person is given this information.

Can totally bald people have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be done for people who do not have any hair on the nape, which is the donor area, by taking hair roots from the other parts of the body.

Is exercise allowed after the hair transplantation?

Physical exercise can be doneabout one week after the hair transplantation operation.

Canpeople swim after hair transplantation operation?

People canswimabout 15 days after the hair transplantation operation.

Can an area where the hair has been previouslymis-transplanted  becorrected?

Hair roots which were mis-transplantedpreviously are re-extracted and the hair transplantation can be performed correctly.

Can I start work just after hair transplantation operation?

You may start your work right after the hair transplantation operation, however resting for two days is recommended.
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