Breast Surgery

Breast Reduction

The purpose of a breast reduction procedure is to reduce the breast proportion within the body...


Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting is a surgical procedure that is performed to make sagging breasts steep up...



Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue in males, giving the appearance  of...


The purpose of breast augmentation is not only to enlarge the breast but also to reshape it.  For the selection of the proper prosthesis to be placed, the patient’s desires as well as other factors such as body shape, chest wall shape and skin type are also considered.  New generation breast prostheses have a wide product range.  While only a single prosthesis exists within a certain volume, many prostheses with the same volume but  different shapes and sizes are manufactured today.  Therefore, it is possible to find a suitable silicon prosthesis for any body shape.

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